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YouTube Channel Marketing

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine after google. This is reason enough to be on YouTube, be it for your business marketing or for your personal branding. But starting a YouTube channel is not a very easy task. It can be quite intimidating to learn the whole functionality and algorithms of it, all the hard work and creative challenges of video creation aside. Consumers now expect businesses or personal brands to have a YouTube channel as much as they expect them to have an Instagram or Facebook. 

We make this job easy for you by providing you with professional support on your YouTube Channel. We take care of the marketing side of it so that you can only focus on creating great content. If you already  have a YouTube channel and are looking for support to market and grow on YouTube or you are a business or a personal brand looking to start a YouTube channel we provide  you with the right knowledge, support and marketing of it. 

YouTube marketing can be resourceful to your business to make money, drive traffic, spread brand awareness and achieve other marketing goals. And YouTube marketing can be very fruitful for entrepreneurs & Influencers looking to enhance their personal brands, make money and be popular on YouTube!

We will create your YouTube channel, create & connect it to all social media forums, give you content creation ideas, monthly video ideas & script. We will also schedule and manage your  video uploads. We will provide creative thumbnails. And keep your channel videos  up to date with the latest YouTube #hashtag strategy (yes, that is a thing now!). We will provide you with metadata- that is highly optimized, with the search engine optimized tags, keywords, titles and descriptions. We will also provide Video Social Media Marketing, sharing your videos on all social media forums with direct signed-in links and forum friendly  content to drive audience to your channel. You will also get community support and engagement forum support if you like the idea (it helps your channel grow faster!). 

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