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Search Engine Marketing (Paid Ads)

Search Engine Marketing is primarily an effort at optimizing your  search engine advertising. It consists of various techniques, tools, strategies, and conversion flowcharts (aimed differently at every stage) for the best results. In very simple words- it can be called the other term for Paid Internet Advertisement. The most popular ones being Google Ads & Facebook Ads.

Generating organic traffic through Social Media Marketing is a whole different game altogether, which can sometimes be time-consuming. If you are  looking for fast & effective  results, have a target or a dead line, SEM is the best possible option. And yes! it does not cost that too much at all! In the beginning, maybe just the same as a lavish dinner with friends would cost you (wow! really). Hence it is a very feasible option which all business owners and people building their personal brands use on regular basis. And yes, SEM does give concrete, fruitful and good results, a total value for your money!  It generates visibility, provides you with the right target specific (no-body-wastes-anyone-time-lets-get-straight-to-business) kind of traffic. It generates conversions, gives you sales as much as you like. In short, it is good value for your money. A cherry on the cake would be the leads you generate, which can be used over the times for free, you can also use it for emails, follow-up sales, and also create look-a-like audiences which means more revenue & results than expected.

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