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Our goal is to help you find the best marketing services and products for your business or startup. With our team of digital marketers and in-house experts, we analyze and recommend the right technologies and services based on your requirements.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a very effective and popular stream of Digital Marketing where we send emails to prospective clients and existing customers to give them updates about offers, campaigns,  to engage them with our content, and convert them to new or repeated clients/customers. Email Marketing is a whole dimension of strategic marketing in itself. There are various levels to it and it is proven to be successful for all leading brands and new businesses as well. Email marketing gives you the freedom from being limited to certain social media forum, it givens you a personal space with your clients/customers and the platform for you to get more creative and also incur direct sales. 

We at Queen Marketers design a strategic and efficient consumer journey, where we can accumulate emails of prospects by various lead acquisition techniques, channel them to funnels and customize and segregate various types of clients to different emails (so that we do not disturb them with the kind of emails they do not want). We then build engagement by studying the email analytics and sending them personalized content. Our primary focus is your customer satisfaction, brand reputation and sales. Everything is planned and designed according to it.   

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